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Printed Scenery

Storm Chasers - Fantasy football - Kraken Fantasy Football

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The STORM CHASERS are an important addition to any stadium. Add these magnificent green people to the STAFF of your stadium, they will help to know what weather will take place during the match and they will be able to warn the teams and the public if a rainstorm is approaching ... or magic

Printed in high detail resin and PLA with very little to no support marks. We spend a lot of time working on supports and how to try and make a miniature have little to non. It’s almost impossible to print without, but the more supports they have, the more cleaning we have to do.

There will always be some support marks its the nature of a 3D printed Mini. We do our very best to remove them but some fine sanding may be required.

All miniatures are hand cleaned and cured and whilst we do our very best to ensure supports are removed it is always possible that some light cleaning may be required.

Printed and sold under licence from Kraken Fantasy Stadium