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Ironhelm Barracks 15mm 28mm 32mm - Dwarves, Elves and Demons | D&D Miniature Terrain Warhammer 40k Tabletop Miniatures Pathfinder Frostgrave

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Ironhelm has a long and proud history of turning out the most stalwart and brave of infantry. None have ever retreated from a fight, and are said to prefer to face an army alone rather than run.

Their training is of such legendary quality that, if an army were to face down a solo Ironhelm dwarf, even the bookies of Winterdale may struggle to set odds for the army.

Comes in 15mm, 28mm and 32mm scale - choose your size and color, when buying.

The Ironhelm Barracks comes in multiple parts. Gluing is required - does not includes other scenery pieces shown in the photo.

The Ironhelm Barracks comes unpainted

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Pictures are shown at 28mm scale, and some comes partly unassembled. Custom scales available upon request. - please contact me!

The model is designed by Printable Scenery at

I'm printing under license of Printable Scenery.

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