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Dungeons and Dragons Townsfolke Free Folke, Characters or NPC's

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Introducing Townsfolke, a series of civilian miniatures appropriate for any medieval fantasy tabletop game!

These designs are scaled for standard miniature gaming (compatible in size with Reaper, Games Workshop, et cetera)

This set includes 15 miniatures (Bugbear Prisoner, Cat Sith Cook, Dwarf Bystander, Dwarf Traveler, Elf Onlooker, Elf Princess, Gnome Matron, Gnome Passerby, Half-Demon Negotiator, Half-Dragon Veteran, Half-Elf Bookkeeper, Halfling Minstrel, Half-Orc Custodian, and Pixie Pickpockets). All models come in based versions (and a bonus resin-optimized version is included for the Half-Orc Custodian (no base) and Pixie Pickpockets).

Contact me about Rule sheets for 5e and Townsfolk

Please note, these guys come on resin bases as part of the print.