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Hobby Cave

The Common Gardens from Hagglethorn Hollow Printable Scenery 15mm 20mm 28mm 32mm Terrain D&D DnD Pathfinder Garden Tabletop Gaming, Role-playing, RPG, D&D

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Nestled in its mountain hollow, the Township of Hagglethorn has little space for crop fields and animal pastures, though the soil its self is rich. Stores gathered from Hunting and fishing are bolstered with the produce of the community gardens, a pleasant place to both work and rest. Be sure to look out for the curious stone-carved garden gnomes that can be spotted here and there around the gardens. 

The Common Gardens is a set scatter terrain featuring different garden beds with a variety of vegetables and three garden gnomes. Featuring the same, wicker-style borders as the garden fences, they are a great way of fleshing out and adding character to your battlefields and encounters.

Aprox measures in mm: (square / keyhole gardens)

15mm, 60 x 60 x 17 / 50 across

20mm, 95 x 95 x 25 / 63 across

28mm size 80 x 80 x 20 / 70 across

32mm 110 x 110 x 30 / 125 across

Item comes unpainted - includes the three little gnomes

As with all 3D prints, some finishing may be required.

 The model is designed by Printable Scenery at

I'm printing under license of Printable Scenery.

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