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Arkhan, the Ariche Berserker - by CobraMode

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The Ariché reindeer people are a hardy nomadic tribe living in the plains of the Kutugha Steppe. They are grazing vegetarians that are deeply attuned to the land.

This allows them to survive the Steppe Plains, a dramatic sweeping landscape of dry grassland where shelter from the elements is rare.

Despite their peaceful demeaner their size, strength, antlers, and hooves make them formidable enemies when roused to anger. The Berserkers wield flint weapons of truly impressive size, a feat that is only possible due to their immense strength.

Though the Ariché can speak most of the common languages, their native tongue is almost impossible for outsiders due to its large vocal range.

This mini is sculpted for 32mm, and is Large sized

Printed on a 4K mono resin printer in high detail resin with very little to no support marks. We spend a lot of time working on supports and how to try and make a miniature have little to non.

It’s almost impossible to print without, but the more supports they have, the more cleaning we have to do.

There will always be some support marks its the nature of a 3D printed Mini. We do our very best to remove them but some fine sanding may be required.

All miniatures are hand cleaned and cured before shipping. Whilst we do our very best to ensure supports are removed it is always possible that some light cleaning may be required.

Printed and sold under licence from CobraMode